Shania Twain managed to find her true love in Frederic Thiebaud after a long struggle for several years

Sometimes we make a mistake in identifying our soulmate and end up liking another person. But no matter how late it is, we always go and meet the one with whom we are supposed to be together for a lifetime. The same thing happened with Shania Twain, due to which her marriage did not last long.

She had first fallen in love with Robert John Lange and also married him. But someone else was written in her destiny, and that is why she got divorced from him. Now, it has been more than a decade since she got married to Frederic Thiebaud. The couple has been successful in maintaining a happy married life.

Shania Twain has been together with her husband for many years

Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud’s common link helped them to meet for the first time (Image via The Boot)

Shania and Frederic met for the first time when her then-husband hired her now-husband’s ex-wife Marie-Anne, to take care of their house. In those days, Marie was her best friend. Both the families spent the holidays together.

Later she got to know that Lange and Marie had an affair with each other and they separated from their partners. At that time Frederic supported her a lot to overcome that situation. In an interview, she shared that the person to comfort her was Thiebaud since he has also been through the same thing in the past. She also added that he was safe and it was a beautiful and perfect friendship.

In 2018, one of Shania’s close friends said in an interview that Thiébaud was having a positive effect on her. The friend also revealed that she did things that she had wished for and added that she used to play tennis four times a week.

Headlines were full of engagement news after both of them were seen wearing rings as they went out for a vacation in Canada. In an interview, Twain’s representative stated that they were not married and Twain later posted a video through her website where they went for skydiving to Florida. This was followed by two more rides at Egypt and London and she even described Thiebaud as a close friend and “true gentleman.”

She also revealed to her fans that her husband can understand her a lot since she has already suffered a lot due to her family separating at the same time under extreme situations. She even went to a Canadian radio station where she joked about her addiction to junk food.

Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud’s wedding was the best day for them

Shania Twain’s marriage managed to reach on top of the headlines (Image via Country Living Magazine)

After spending a whole year together, it was reported in the news that both of them had got engaged. But the truth was revealed when the next day she shared the same news by herself. She shared a post on her website and she wrote that Thiebaud has been the perfect partner for her and addressed the love they shared over the years.

She also expressed happiness for being able to announce the engagement news to everyone. After one month of their perfect engagement, the pair exchanged vows in Puerto Rico on New Year’s Eve.