Sarah Drew and Peter Lanfer met each other in a completely different situation

People say that true love never ends, and the pair of Sarah Drew and Peter Lanfer proved this. Even after living together for more than two decades, their love has not ended. On the contrary, it is getting stronger day by day.

As a couple, they support, respect, and most importantly remain loyal to each other in their relationship. Because of this their love always remains fresh. Both of them said that people of today’s generation can learn more about love and they are the perfect example of the same. The duo set a perfect necessary salvation of love.

Sarah Drew’s husband has been involved with a university

Sarah Drew’s husband is employed at a reputed university (Image via CNN)

Sarah had preferred a partner from another profession and he is a professor alongside an academic and college lecturer. He enrolled at Dartmouth University for a Bachelor’s degree and graduated in 1998. He was an undergraduate religion major at Dartmouth when he started developing an interest in different manuscripts. He penned a thesis related to biblical interpretation in apocalyptic Judaism and early Christianity.

He collaborated with two more professors and went to Yale and UCLA to finish graduation. His work is mostly known for focusing on the cultural role of sacred literature in the expressions of Jewish and Christian groups. He has even explored the theological challenges brought up by morally suspect texts in the Hebrew Bible in a manuscript titled Reading Sacredness in the Badly Behaving Bible.

He even taught different courses related to Jewish and Christian history and literature such as the New Testament and Rabbinic literature along with the archaeology and history of Israel and Jerusalem.

Sarah Drew and her better half had a perfect love story

Sarah Drew’s love story dates back to the 90s (Image via Entertainment Weekly)

Sarah shared in an interview that they first met at a camp where they served as camp counselors. After that, both of them used to talk to each other through letters for eight months, which was very old school and she liked it very much. 

After those months were completed, they met in person in 1999.  The duo took a train to Manhattan to watch the play “Wit” on their first date. But Peter had other ideas in his mind and he proposed to her for marriage on the very first date.

Lander also gifted poetry to Drew along with reminiscent of the play. While the correct time was about to arrive, Drew believed that something was happening and could not handle the tension. She accepted that she ruined it since she patted down her husband and could feel the ring box initially.

She continued that it took her some time to understand what happened but later on the same day she also confirmed that she also loves him. After hearing her answer Peter said that this is not about creating a perfect moment and it is about telling her that he loves her. When he opened the box, the ring flew out and eventually went to the sea. Drew revealed that they were able to find the ring and after gifting his wife the same, they were hugging and crying.

The duo dated for three years and tied the knot on June 17, 2002. After ten years of their marriage, they welcomed their first baby Micah Emmanuel in 2012 and this was followed by another child in the next two years.