Ruben Studdard Has Hidden A Lot Of Facts Related To His Relationship And Marriage To Kristin Moore-Studdard

People realize the difference between right and wrong only after doing some activities. Similarly, only after Ruben Studdard got married to his first wife, did know or learn to know whether she was meant for him or not. After that mistake, he was able to learn that there is love and who is his love.

No matter how much we love someone and how much we try to keep them together, if that person is not meant to be together, then one day they go away from our lives. That is called destiny where suddenly one day a person comes along who colors your life with happiness. Similarly, Kristin Moore-Studdard had filled Corey ‘s life with love and happiness.

Rubben Studdard became a father of two children from his marriage

Ruben Studdard has two children from his marriage to Kristin Moore-Studdard (Image via people)

After the end of his first marriage, Corey married Kristin in 2018. But both of them did not share anything about how their love story started or their relationship. After marriage, both of them started living a happy life together.

The pair love each other very much and keeping that love intact, they brought a cute little prince, Olivier into this world in March 2019. The name is also a respect to Kevin, Ruben’s brother, who unexpectedly died in 2019.

In an interview, he said that he gave his son his brother’s middle name, which is also his father’s middle name. He just wanted him to have a connection to his uncle because he knew how much his brother wanted to meet him if he ever showed up.

After the first child, they again gave birth to a little angel in March 2024. In an interview, they shared that they are thrilled to welcome baby Henri into their lives and also added her big brother Olivier could not contain his excitement.

Rubben Studdard managed to make a name for himself in films

Ruben Studdard has been featured in several films (Image via wset)

Studdard added a lot of credits under his name and they were mostly minor roles. He was seen in TV shows like Life on a Stick and gained recognition for a few cameos.

Apart from that, he took some other initiatives, including being a part of a tour named Ain’t Misbehavin’. He was praised for his work and even became involved in a recording album that came out in 2009. It also became a recipient of a nomination at the Grammy Awards.

Rubben Studdard’s work in American Idol helped in the growth of his career

Ruben Studdard has gone on a lot of tours in his singing career (Image via variety)

Studdard even supported the album of Ruben Sings Luther with a tour and has taken to the stage to flaunt his flawless singing skills over the years. He even went on another tour where he was accompanied by Clay Aiken, who emerged as the runner-up of American Idol. The tour even marked a celebration of their 20th anniversary after their respective debut on the reality series.

Studdard later joined a record label called SoNo Recording Group in 2023 and started developing a new project in collaboration with Balewa Muhammad. His eighth album was titled The Way I Remember It, which had ten songs and it was followed by three more singles that received decent feedback. He joined Clay Aiken on another occasion when they were a part of another show titled The Masked Singer but could not win the competition in the end.