Kate Abdo separated from Ramtin Abdo secretly without letting anyone anything know about it

There is nothing wrong with the fact that people mostly consider the entertainment and sports industries as the only fields that have given popularity to a lot of faces. But it must be noted that even the world of broadcasting is similar to these two and the reason has been the public addiction towards television and radio over the years.

Kate Abdo is one such person who has been constantly working hard every day to send the most important pieces of information to people. She has been involved with CBS Sports for a long time and covered different events in places such as Spain, Germany, and many others.

But apart from her career in broadcasting, she was once in the spotlight for her past relationship with Ramtin Abdo, who has been an important part of real estate over the years.

Kate Abdo and Ramtin Abdo separated around four years ago

Kate Abdo split from her former husband back in 2020 (Image via Bleacher Report)

Kate Abdo is one of those persons who prefers to keep most of her details away from the spotlight. While her first marriage to Ramtin Abdo was something that the media houses decided not to cover at a wide range, her personal life became a topic of discussion for many others.

Sources have stated that Kate and Ramtin exchanged vows back in 2010 but they reportedly opted to split at one point. The exact reason for the separation was not disclosed from any side.

Despite the separation, Kate’s name got involved with many other faces in the next few years. Although the rumors have continued for all this time, she has continued doing a lot of hard work for herself.

Ramtin Abdo made a successful career in the world of business and real estate

Kate Abdo’s former partner has built a career of his own (Image via Sport Revup)

Originally a resident of Berlin, Germany, Ramtin Abdo’s initial expertise has been in real estate. He formed two companies named INA Ventures and SMAP, and he has spent most of his time in Berlin since most of his work is associated with that place.

Moreover, he can speak in four languages, including English. He is a former student of Seattle University where he completed his graduation in 2004. He has been additionally involved with IT solutions. But apart from all these, other details related to his life remain unknown.

What do we know about Kate Abdo’s current partner?

Malik Scott has been active as a boxer over the years (Image via Bad Left Hook)

So for all those who are confused about the current relationship status of Kate, they should know for now that she is not married. It has been a short while since she got romantically linked to a person named Malik Scott, who is known for his work in the world of boxing.

Malik was only 11 years old when he developed an interest in boxing and he even emerged as the winner of different competitions. He also competed with other champions such as DaVarryl Williamson and despite that he lost the match, his skills were loved by the public.

As a professional, he suffered a few injuries which restricted him from playing in certain phases. While he decided to leave the world of boxing at one point, he decided not to let go of the skills so easily and remained a head coach.