Jayson Tatum knew Toriah Latchell since the time he was a college student

When we speak about the NBA, there are a lot of names that come up in our mouths. Their playing skills are known among everyone and this is one of the reasons why they have such a huge fanbase in the public. They have already got a long list of records which has continued to add more numbers.

Meanwhile, Jayson Tatum can also be considered one of the most talented persons in the world of basketball. He has played at different championships throughout his career which has contributed to the growth of his career. But his life was additionally perfect once due to the presence of a perfect partner, Toriah Lachell. However, the duo separated later.

Jayson Tatum and Toriah Latchell have not revealed much about their bond

Jayson Tatum was linked to his former partner during college days (Image via Celtics Blog)

For now, it is confirmed that Tatum and Latchell were once together. However, no one knows much about what happened between them. The duo are no longer together but they have decided to do what they have been pursuing so far. While Jayson has progressed a lot in the world of the NBA, Toriah is also doing the best with her online business.

Sources have said that they got linked during college days since Toriah was an athlete. This was a common reason why they decided to date each other and they even became the parents of a child named Deuce. It must be noted that Tatum was only 19 when they welcomed the kid.

Although they split at one point, they decided to give more priority to their son. Tatum even stated once that his son becomes unhappy when fans come towards him and request an autograph or picture.

Jayson Tatum’s former partner is well-established in a different field

Jayson Tatum’s former partner has built a career of her own (Image via Bleacher Report)

Toriah Latchell spent most of her time in St. Louis, Missouri and she launched a hair salon named The Curl Bar Boston. Apart from that, there are hardly any details available about Latchell anywhere, including her career.

As mentioned, she was once in a relationship with Jayson Tatum. The latter once said during his appearance in a show titled In Depth with Graham Bensinger that he tried to hide the news of Latchell’s pregnancy since he was worried that his career might get affected because of the same.

He said that he considered himself selfish and he always had a dream of joining the NBA. He added that he tried to distance himself from this thing since he believed that the teams might think he was not focused on the game.

In brief, about Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum has made some amazing records (Image via Eurohoops)

Also known as Jayson Christopher Tatum, he had a successful career in basketball over the years. He played the game when he was in high school and made a few records at the time, with an average score of 13.3 points.

During the 2017 NBA draft, he was chosen by the Boston Celtics. He also received the title of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals Most Valuable Player around two years ago. He even made better records with the highest point of 55 in an NBA All-Star game.