Jake Manley And Jocelyn Hudon Decided To Tie The Knot In A Private Ceremony

Jake Manley And Jocelyn Hudon

Jake Manley and Jocelyn Hudon are a couple who started dating each other at a very young age and are still together. Nowadays, even after being in a relationship for many years, some couples easily decide to go their ways.

He had a lot of credits in his filmography including The Order, where he portrayed Jack Morton. This was followed by many other projects such as Brotherhood and Infamous. However, his career started several years ago with Beauty & the Beast and this helped him to grab more roles in a lot of successful series.  He is best known for his associations with Netflix throughout his career.

Jake Manley’s meeting with his better half happened in a very unique manner

Jake Manley and Jocelyn Hudon’s collaborations brought them closer over the years (Image via NBC)

The couple met each other in a very unusual way. Both of them had never imagined that they would find their life partners like this. In an interview, Jocelyn shared that they first met through their mutual self-tape coach, whose duty is to record the auditions of any actor. They were even linked to the same acting agent which helped them to get associated with each other easily which is why they ended up driving to their agent’s summer party together and have been together ever since.

She also shared that when she was feeling cold, her husband took out a sweater and since it was a fresh cloth taken out of the trunk, Hudon developed feelings for him. She explained that she likes his sense of humor and both of them can keep each other happy since they are different and this can keep everything balanced.

Hudon and Manley were seen together in two projects and then ran away to Vegas in 2021. Hudon also recalled a moment she shared with her husband when he proposed to her, saying that they went to Montreal and the location was covered with around 1,000 red roses. The entire situation was similar to a scene from Gilmore Girls where a similar setup was involved.

Jake Manley kept everything private in terms of his wedding

Jake Manley and Jocelyn Hudon have been together for around nine years (Image via Tvguide)

The official announcement of Jocelyn’s engagement came in August 2020 through her social media page. The romantic link existed for around five years before things were taken to another step and the official proposal happened with a black diamond ring, which turned out to be a huge surprise. The wedding ceremony was organized at Sin City where several celebrities were in attendance.

Hudon said in an interview that she intended to tie the knot in Toronto, Canada, and went to Las Vegas at A Little White Wedding Chapel. This managed to continue the trend of marriages in Las Vegas where popular faces such as Ben Affleck and Sophie Turner also married.

The marriage happened on the day of Halloween 2021 and the couple opted for this occasion since they did not have any work. There were a lot of other attractions at the event including people who wore some unique dresses and the pair have been staying happily with their dog, Rupert.

Jake Manley’s wife is pursuing a similar career like him

Jake Manley and Jocelyn Hudon have a lot of mutual friends (Image via Cheatsheet)

She went to the National Ballet School of Canada until she turned 17 and she has portrayed the most famous characters on television. The list includes Abby, who appeared in The Strain Season 4. Her work on television contributed to making her a famous face in films such as Below Her Mouth and she even trained people for rock climbing in Ontario, Canada.