Hugh Jackman And Deborra-Lee Furness Decided To Separate Despite Being Together For 27 Years

When there is true love, nothing can keep you away from your partner. Similarly, even after Deborra-lee Furness was 13 years older than Hugh Jackman, he fell in love with her and spent almost three decades together. The duo are popular faces in the entertainment world, which has kept them in the spotlight.

Everyone can easily recognize Hugh because of his work in the Marvel Universe. He entered the Marvel franchise more than 20 years ago and his performance helped him to include his name at the Guinness World Records. The character will return to the big screen after seven years and he has bagged a few awards due to the brutality that he has unleashed as Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman’s engagement happened shortly after he met his better half

The couple was first introduced as costars on the show Correlli which is the first project of Hugh. But Deborra-lee had already risen to fame at that time. In an interview, he shared that he felt there was an immediate connection between them.

He explained that the actress was a big star. He got picked up and she was in the front seat of the car. Then she took off her seat belt and turned around to introduce herself after which Jackman developed an attraction towards her.

After he was sure about his feelings, he took a few weeks to share his feelings in front of her. He explained that they had already become best friends and he realized that he had a huge crush on her. He also shared that these kinds of feelings can never make anyone feel embarrassed or portray him or her as an unprofessional individual.

Later he ended up with admitted his feelings and she confirmed that also felt the same way. He eventually popped the question and the engagement happened after four months of dating. In an interview with Today in 2018, he revealed that he had a feeling in two weeks that he and Deborra would stay together for the entire lifetime.

Hugh Jackman was happy with his wife despite having an age gap

Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness separated in September 2023 (Image via People)

In 1996, they decided to exchange vows at a Melbourne-based church and shared a lot of glimpses of the moments they spent together via social media. After four years of marriage, the duo adopted their son Oscar and followed the same process to welcome daughter Ava in 2005.

Everything was going well between them as they loved and helped each other a lot. But on 15th September 2023, they announced the decision to separate, after which left their fans shocked. However, neither of them has shared the reason behind the split.

Hugh Jackman’s wife is similarly popular like him

Deborra-Lee Furness is also associated with the entertainment industry (Image via Sheknows)

Furness became famous after she was featured in Shame and won the Best Actor award for the same. She had a long list of credits in shows like Stark. This made her a popular face in the audience alongside Angel Baby, where she shared the screen with some famous personalities. The best role in her filmography is in Correlli and as Dolores Kennedy in Fire.

Apart from her work on screen, she has participated in a lot of philanthropic activities. She has worked for the welfare of orphans and is associated with several organizations such as the Advisory Committee for Film Aid International.