Eddie Van Halen Did Everything He Could For Janie Liszewski Before His Sudden Death

A person finds his soulmate at any time in his life. They were able to live together only for 11 years but still, Eddie Van Halen gave all the love of his life to Janie Liszewski in those years. He departed from this world in 2020 due to some complications related to his health. From 2009 till the time of his death, he was with his wife all the time.

Eddie is known as the man who established a group called Mammoth during the 70s in collaboration with his brother Alex. The group’s name was eventually changed to Van Halen and they performed in different clubs. Van Halen even collaborated with different projects that were not linked to the band and worked on the soundtrack of various films. He was joined by some talented musicians and contributed to albums released by artists such as Michael Jackson.

Eddie Van Halen was married to his second wife until the time he passed away

Eddie Van Halen and Janie Liszewski were together until the former died (Image via foxnews)

Eddie proposed to Janie for marriage after dating for several years on October 6, 2008, and the following year, the couple exchanged vows. The duo chose a luxurious spot for the wedding which was located in California. Janie was spotted walking the aisle with a song of her husband playing in the background.

The marriage even witnessed the presence of Eddie’s son Wolfgang and it was officiated by Alex Van Halen. Notably, the event was even attended by Eddie’s former partner, Valerie Bertinelli, and there were almost 100 guests in attendance.

Eddie Van Halen’s first marriage existed for a longer time than expected

Eddie Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli tied the knot in 1981 (Image via people)

Eddie and Valerie first met in their 20s at a concert in 1980. After they first met, she fell in love with the musician. On April 11, 1981, they tied the knot after eight months of meeting. In another interview after the wedding, Van Halen said that people don’t like him to get married. Bertinelli replied by saying that she feels “fulfilled” when she is sad and she never believed that anything can be so wonderful.

After ten years of marriage, the couple welcomed their first and only child Wolfgang in 1991. In an interview, she shared that she was looking forward to having kids and Eddie also wants to be a father. But they waited for a few years because both of them were very busy with their work and didn’t want to be part-time parents.

Valerie Bertinelli and Eddie, Van Halen’s romance witnessed an end in 2001 and things became official by the next four years. Both sides decided to move on and settle with someone who was truly perfect for them. They continued to maintain a close friendship with each other and Valerie was still available near her former husband when he passed away. She also said in an interview that she never stopped loving Ed and his soul.

Eddie Van Halen died from his health complications

Eddie Van Halen was suffering from some health issues before his death (Image via economictimes)

Eddie started smoking and drinking alcohol at a very young age. Due to this, he became very ill. He struggled with chronic avascular necrosis during the 50s and this was a result of the injuries that happened when he appeared on stage. He had to undergo further treatments and surgeries and he even struggled with tongue cancer. In 2002, he recovered from cancer but it returned in 12 years and started spreading to the other body parts.