Jon Huertas has been associated with the most successful TV shows

The expansion of the film and TV industry has contributed to the popularity of those who have always intended to make a name for themselves by working hard. Jon Huertas is also one of them and considering that he has been active since the 90s, the journey has been long and unique for him.

Also known as Jonathan William Scott Hofstedt, several producers have cast him in the best TV shows and films throughout his career. Just like most actors, he has some credits on his list that gave him much-needed recognition.

Jon Huertas started pursuing acting at a very young age

Jon Huertas became interested in acting at a very young age (Image via Deadline)

The New York City native always had an interest in being a part of the world of entertainment. This is one of the reasons why he participated in plays when he was a school student. He once said in an interview that the success he managed to achieve as an actor was similar to what he did during his time in the Air Force.

It must be noted that he has a military background which helped him to grab a few roles. This included the HBO series, Generation Kill, where he was seen as a sergeant. Another project in his filmography includes the film, Stealth Fighter, which covers the Iraq invasion that happened back in 2003.

Jon Huertas had a successful career in the world of Air Force

Jon Huertas was involved with the Air Force before his acting career (Image via Remezcla)

The This Is Us star was only 17 years old when he came out as a graduate from a high school. He soon came to the Air Force after being in college for a year and the reason for the same was his family background where most of the men were a part of the military.

While he was working in the Air Force, he always thought about being an actor for around eight years. His base was once visited by some officials from the entertainment industry and they wanted to let people know about the mission of the Air Force. Huertas addressed the meeting in a conversation by saying that it was supposed to offer help and inspiration to him.

Huertas was an important part of the show Castle and he said that the show’s executive producer gave him the freedom to choose a backstory for the character he was playing on screen. He added that the makers always approached him to get help with things like weapons and scripts related to the military.

Jon Huertas has been giving flawless performances on screen for many years

Jon Huertas has got the best shows under his credits (Image via Entertainment Tonight)

Jon’s career dates back to 1993 when he was chosen to play a small role in an episode of The Webbers. While the character gave him the popularity that he needed to be known among the audience, he slowly started trying his luck in famous shows such as Beverly Hills, 90210.

Almost 16 years after he started his career, he was chosen to appear as Javier “Javi” Esposito in the ABC series, Castle. This has been followed by more shows like The Rookie and Elementary along with films, including Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.