Clark Hunt and Tavia Shackles were able to connect with each other due to their association with one particular team

Many people have a misconception that billionaires only keep on counting the money that they are earning through their businesses. But this is completely wrong. Just like normal people, even they have a personal life where they need to take care of their relationships and everyone else who is close to them.

The same can be said for Clark Hunt, who currently looks over the operations of the Kansas City Chiefs. He is also involved with other companies and somewhere it can be said that the success can be attributed to his wife Tavia Shackles.

Clark Hunt did not maintain any privacy in terms of his relationship

Clark Hunt and Tavia Shackles met two years before their marriage (Image via People)

We cannot force anyone to reveal his or her details in public. In case you are wondering if you would get to do the same for Clark Hunt, that is not possible. For now, we know that the pair first connected when Tavia was employed as an intern for Clark’s team.

Shackles once recalled an event where Hunt approached her and began speaking. She revealed that they got to know a lot about each other and when they decided to meet each other again, the romantic link was established.

Clark Hunt was dating his better half for two years until they decided to tie the knot

Clark Hunt and Tavia Shackles got married in 1993 (Image via Pinkvilla)

Hunt and Shackles have been together for more than 20 years. The latter was only 22 when she exchanged vows with Clark back in October 1993. Furthermore, she was only a graduate student when all of this was happening. The pair celebrated their 30th anniversary last year where Shackles took to social media to share a sweet moment.

Starting from 1999 until 2005, the couple welcomed three children who have added more happiness inside their house. Their eldest child Gracie is currently involved in the modeling industry and has also won the Miss Texas Teen International twice.

But all of these do not mean that Shackles has kept everything hidden. She is similarly popular like her husband and it is all because of her association with Hunt’s team.

Clark Hunt’s wife was a successful model once in the past

Clark Hunt and Tavia Shackles have been the parents of three children (Image via Pinkvilla)

Tavia Shackles started by participating in a lot of beauty pageants and she became well-known in Missouri. She once revealed in an interview that she went on a tour throughout the state and later developed a strong bond with Chiefs Kingdom.

Shackles has been involved with some other organizations too. This includes the Chiefs Women’s Organization where she serves as the director. She says that she likes to remain a leader and organize events so that people can know more about Kansas City and football.

Furthermore, she collaborated with Habitat for Humanity to bring better housing facilities. She has always expressed her satisfaction for being a part of the Chiefs and in one conversation, she said that she is more attracted towards the fans of the Chiefs kingdom. Tavia loves to listen to Taylor Swift’s tracks and has also met her once, which undoubtedly turned out to be the best moment of her life.