Wolfgang Van Halen Did The Best He Could For The Wedding Celebrations Like His Father

Whenever people lose faith in love, then some people come who teach people to trust in love again. An example is Andraia Allsop and Wolfgang Van Halen, who have met through Instagram and are still together since 2015.

Many people recognize Wolfgang. He is the son of famous musician Eddie Van Halen and well-known actress Valerie Bertinelli. His father passed away in 2020 but he still gets inspired by his father. He said that as a parent, they support him a lot and he is very lucky to have them in his life.

Wolfgang Van Halen got engaged to his better half around two years ago

Wolfgang Van Halen got engaged in 2022 (Image via thesun)

In an interview, Wolfgang said that they were connected through Instagram before they started talking regularly. He shared that he had the screenshot on his phone of the very first text he ever sent. He sent his phone number and said Hey.

At that time, he was on a tour. He woke up in Denver to a message back from her. He also shared that he remembered exactly the hotel room he was in. It was on the last Van Halen tour. They were about to play Red Rocks and it was the day off before they played that he got his first text message from her and he was very happy.

He continued that for their first date, he planned a little trip in Los Angeles that started with food from his favorite sushi spot Aroha on Ventura, and ended with the pair watching the sunset in Malibu.

He added that there was a crazy amount of shooting stars that night. He had never seen so many shooting stars in his life at one time. He explained it felt like this was meant to be.

Van Halen decided to take things to another level by July 2022 and the engagement news eventually came out with Allsop sharing an Instagram post where she had the ring on her hand. Bertinelli also congratulated the couple in the comments section.

Wolfgang Van Halen did not wait too long before getting married

Wolfgang Van Halen tied the knot a year after his engagement (Image via people)

Eddie Van Halen’s wedding was huge and grand and the ceremony was organized in their living room where they could enjoy the best moments. Coming to the reception, it was designed with lights and florals.

In an interview, Andraia said that their goal was just to bring all of their closest family and friends together. She continued by saying that the past few years, not only with the world, but also with personal tragedies, haven’t been the easiest, and they wanted to create their wedding as a celebration not only just for them to get married, but a celebration for the people they love.

Wolfgang Van Halen’s better wife has slowly become a well-known face

Wolfgang Van Halen was romantically linked to his wife for a long time before their marriage (Image via loudwire)

Allsop is a former student of the University of Utah and back in 2015, she served as a software engineer for Instructure. Apart from that, she is known for her photography skills and shares the same on a different Instagram page operated by her.