Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeanne Cadieu’s relationship existed for a long time than expected

In today’s generation, it is not so easy to find a perfect partner. Talking about Jake Gyllenhaal, he is that personality who has failed to get someone for himself with whom he can spend his entire life. None of his relationships have lasted for a long time.

But when he started dating Jeanne Cadieu in 2018, he had not changed his partner yet. It is the one relationship that has lasted too long on his list. If everything goes well then one day he will marry her. People are well aware of the fact that he has fallen in love many times and has never married anyone.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s bond with Jeanne is the longest in the list

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jeanne Cadieu have been together since 2018 (Image via People)

The duo was reportedly not following each other in the beginning and did not speak to each other through text messages. There are hardly any details available on how they met each other and have preferred to keep everything private.

However, the rumors came out around six years ago, and were seen going to meet a common friend in New York City. They then went out together in Paris and the relationship was seemingly confirmed by a source while speaking to Us Weekly in December 2018.

Just a few months later, the love birds were seen on a breakfast date in Los Angeles. Both of them wanted to keep their relationship private but somehow, they came out. After that, both of them started attending many events together and through that people came to know that they were romantically linked.

In an interview, Jake recalled the quarantine period he spent with Jeanne, saying that he developed a better interest in life at the time. He added by saying that his life was wonderful, including that he had the best relationship alongside a family he loved a lot.

Jake Gyllenhaal had a long list of romantic links over the years

Jake Gyllenhaal was romantically linked to many others over the years (Image via NME)

Jake’s sister Rima introduced him to Kirsten Dunst, after which they started their relationship in 2002, which broke up in just two years.

He fell in love for another time with Reese Witherspoon after meeting her in a film titled Rendition. This relationship ended very soon and later Jake shared that neither of them was serious in that relationship.

Gyllenhaal was briefly linked to Taylor Swift and the duo were seen together in New York City in 2010. However, the romance started grabbing the headlines by the next few months and was spotted going somewhere during Thanksgiving.

The pair separated the same year and they also spent some time together during the holiday season. The duo never spoke up on the relationship anywhere but there were reports that a majority of the tracks on her album Red were inspired from Gyllenhaal.

Gyllenhaal first met Alyssa Miller in 2013 at a gym located in New York City. They even went on a bike ride together and a source revealed that things ended in a few months. There were rumors of reconciliation in 2014 after they were seen together at the Tribeca neighborhood in New York City.