Mike Myers’s Married Life: Kelly Tisdale and Robin Ruzan

Mike Myers, born Michael John Myers is a Canadian-British actor, comedian and filmmaker. The 60-year-old talented celebrity is popularly known for his participation as a cast member on the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live from 1989-1995. 

While Mike Myers has been present to entertain the audience with his humor, who’s the one by his side? Get to know below:

Kelly Tisdale

While the comedian fiercely guards his private life he has been married to his second wife, Kelly Tisdale. Tisdale, born in March 1977, is a scenic artist and businesswoman. As per her IMDB profile, she worked as a scenic artist in the 1990s series Erotic Confessions. She is also the former owner of a cafe, TeaNY vegan restaurant that she began with her former boyfriend, Moby. 

Reportedly, Mike met Kelly in 2006. The duo tried their best to keep their relationship under the wraps until a photo of the two on a vacation went viral. Kelly confirmed the romance to the National Enquirer, telling the publication, “We’re actually surprised you guys didn’t find out about us sooner.”

The couple tied the knot in a secret marriage in 2010 and soon started a family. They welcomed their son, Spike Alan Myers in 2011 and daughter Sunday Molly Myers in 2014. In 2015, they welcomed their second daughter Paulina Katheleen Myers. 

Robin Ruzan

Born on February 22, 1964, Robin Ruzan is a producer, writer and actress according to her IMDB profile. As of 2022, her most recent work was as a consulting producer on the Better Things television show. She also worked as a staff writer on the series. She appeared as a waitress in Wayne’s World and played Tammy Broderick in 1998’s The Thin Pink Line. Robin also received special thanks in the three Austin Powers movies – 1997’s International Man of Mystery, 1999’s The Spy Who Shagged Me, and 2002’s Goldmember.

Robin met Mike in 1987 when he attended a hockey game. The duo soon got married in 1983 but had no children. According to Page Six, Mike referred to Robin as his “muse” and based one of his most popular Saturday Night Live characters – “Coffee Talk” TV host Linda Richman – on Ruzan’s mother. She also reportedly encouraged Myers to develop the goofy Lothario character he’d play at home into the Austin Powers character.

In 2005, the couple quietly decided to end their marriage. Mike has never spoken openly about the split. “I’m out of the blame business,” he said to Parade magazine in 2010, “and I’m into the dropping-resentments business. I’m into ‘That was then, this is now.’”

When asked about love, Mike told Parade in 2010 that he was “open to it” and ready to move on. “Yes, of course. I’m an experienced romantic—a battle-hardened romantic. It’s my job to wrestle out painful past experiences and invite somebody into my heart. And it’s my job to ask to be let into your heart. At 19, it was love at first sight—star-crossed. Now, at almost 47, I know that to have a deeper romantic connection, you have to work at it.”